Software Development

Synomtech provides end-to-end application lifecycle management services using its proven methodologies. Synomtech specializes in seamless distributed on-site and offshore service processes, which deliver significant savings to the customers. The company has developed expertise in handling projects of various kinds such as re-engineering, customized development, software integration etc. The company has been providing IT consultancy to various enterprises. The enterprise has been involved in the entire value-chain of software development, right from requirement definition to post-production support, maintenance and training.

IT Consulting Services

Synomtech assists its customers with providing turn-key solutions to meet their goals. Synomtech can help achieve your goals, Increase profitability, Reduce Cost and Optimize Productivity.

Systems Integration Services

Large systems are co-created by teams from varied disciplines. And because they involve so many teams, it’s essential that a single source retains the vision through the development cycle.

Synomtech’s experience with systems integration has given us an opportunity to generate methods that facilitate this emergent process. As a result, we have a 100% track record in delivering systems integration projects.

Professional Services

Synomtech has been in the Consulting Services business for more than 10 years and has a long list of satisfied customers. The primary reason for that is because we have consistently delivered the highest quality of consulting resources at very competitive prices.

Project Management

Key to successful project implementation is skilled and experienced leadership. Our team of project managers, technical leads, team leaders have helped various clients with planning, coordination, communication and producing various deliverables. Our team have used various development methodologies including Agile development methodology.

Our team can help understand requirements, and can help determine which project development methodology and software are best for you. We have consultants readily available who are familiar with management practices, tools and can help meet your needs.

Technology Practices
Synomtech practices provide a unique opportunity for pooling of common technology resources and skills. Experts in the respective technology practices with strong technology backgrounds and experience manage each practice. They ensure that knowledge and competencies are shared with project teams through learning sessions, workshops. We offer fast, reliable and high quality solutions by leveraging the formidable repository of skills available through each technology practice.

Synomtech services in the following technological practices:

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